Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Raised Beds

It has been sunny with a breeze for several days. The raised beds are drying out quickly. Yesterday I  carried a small watering can back and forth, watering fifteen of the tire towers. Today I used the gator and a five gallon bucket to speed up the process. I wish I had used the moisture control potting soil in the raised beds. I really didn't realize they would dry out so quickly.


  1. Buy some adult diapers and rip them apart, the stuff inside them that's absorbent is safe to use in the soil with plants to hold the water and release it slowly. I'm going to use it when I repot these plants. The tricky bit is convincing people the diapers are for that and not just because I'm too lazy to get up while watching TV.

  2. Well, I bought disposable diapers today but forgot the adult part. I just got little ones. I've spent part of this afternoon cutting off elastic stuff. Thanks for the hint.