Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vacation in my Mind

A woman was telling me how stressed she is taking sick relatives around and how worried she is. I told her she needs to do a craft or hobby. She looked pretty horrified that I thought she should do more than she was already doing.
I said, "Doing what you are doing is wearing. If you do a craft, you can't worry or think about things you absolutely have no control over. So it's like a little vacation from your worries. You're there if they need you, but your mind is free from worry when you're painting, knitting, or whatever. Actually going on vacation isn't practical...you have responsibilities. But freedom from worry for a bit, it good for you. You don't have to be good at the craft although you might be.
You just need to get your mind off your worries.
I also gave her paperwork for volunteering. I told her to tell all her relatives to leave Thursday morning off their schedule of doctors' visits. She took the paper and escaped.
People shouldn't tell me their troubles if they don't want my take on how to handle them.

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