Tuesday, March 3, 2015

That's All You've Got?

When I got home from volunteering today, Larry asked how my day had gone. I said it was great. I had a woman come in that I'd tried to get to volunteer. I thought I'd frightened her because she offered to donate some really nice hand made items to the gift shop and I'd said, "No, I want you." I really thought I'd made it clear that I wanted her to volunteer but after thinking about it, I thought maybe she thought I was crazy and was just trying to get me to leave. I was really relieved when she came in. We got the application for her and her sister (she'd talked her sister into it). So that was good. I'd taken my little egg basket in and the three scarves. I think a couple of the people who drooled over the stuff will bring money tomorrow.
Larry said his day was way better. He'd talked to a guy who was the jailer in Memphis when James Earl Ray was in jail there for about four months. He said somebody had to be in the cell with him to make sure he didn't hurt himself. He personally went to the cafeteria for food, getting scoops of this and that for the workers and James Earl Ray randomly, locking the food into a box and carrying it up to the cell, handing it inside where it was unlocked and they chose their trays, again randomly. The guy said he took Ray's clothes home with him so his wife could wash the clothes and they would be sure nobody put poison on the clothes.
His morning was interesting, but really, mine was better. Mine was about the future, his about the past.

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