Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ripe Plantain

When I taught in Alabama, a Cuban lady volunteered for me in my classroom. I tutored her in English and she got to practice her English. I was introduced to some Cuban cuisine. The plantains, both green and ripe, were among our favorites. The green plantains are now available in WalMart. I've never seen ripe ones for sale there. It's possible that whoever is in charge of produce thinks they are no good...or people who know snap them up. 
They are ready to cook when the skin is black and the surface isn't hard as a rock.
I peel them (it takes a knife to do that), cut them in half, and slice them. Then I saute them in butter or oil.
They are pretty orange when cooked. I let them lightly brown. They are kind of like sweet potatoes, but denser  and sweeter. I like them with black beans. But this time I used pinto beans with tomatoes, peppers, and hot red sausages.
I don't think this is particularly low carb, but I guarantee there is plenty of fiber.
It used to be difficult to have ripe plantains because Larry is so enamored of green ones.
But now he likes ripe ones, too.

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