Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day Lilies

The Day Lilies I got from my rose bed went into an erosion wash out in the field.  At one point Larry was using that patch as one of his garden places.  But every time it rained, a big wash appeared at the west side of it.  This year he isn't using that area for his garden.  But he has put shredded corn stalks, sawdust from his planer, all sorts of things to try to prevent washing.  I asked if I could put the day lilies there and he said no, he didn't want day lilies in the field.  So I dropped them around and still had a pile where they'd been dug up and dropped.
Yesterday when we were riding around in the Gator, I asked why he didn't want day lilies in that wash.  He said, "There?  That's a good idea.  I thought you meant in my garden."
So this afternoon I dropped most of them in the ditch-in-the-making and dumped mulch over the roots.  It didn't make much sense for me to dig them in as they would be deeper.  So I just dropped them and covered them up.  I guess I should water them but it might rain in a few days.  Maybe I'll water them tomorrow anyway.
I am not sure what color these are, but I don't think I had any seriously ugly ones in that rose strip.

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