Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where Did You Come From?

 I was talking to a lady who is a member of an iris society.  She asked the names of my irises.  I don't seem to pay attention to what their names are even if I buy them and they are labeled.  This one is a strong gold color and I got it from Kelly.
 This one is a lovely plum color that I got from Kelly.
But I have been anxiously waiting for this one to open.  It was in a location where I thought I knew what it was going to be.  I'd planted the ones that I call rust with some that I call salmon.  But I didn't plant this one.  I didn't have one like it.  This flower bed is the second to last that I've started.  A bunch of them in this bed are from Lydia.  They came unlabeled in a WalMart bag.  But this corner had the two colors that I thought would look excellent with a Japanese Maple.  It was a very welcome surprise.
 This is what I was expecting.
I particularly like how this one looks with a backdrop of lavender.  I think it is from Leigh.  I moved it from the Rose Hill bed.

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