Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maybe It's Fixed

I always have trouble when I change my internet connection.  But maybe it's fixed.  A neighbor came over and restored it to what it was Friday.  And I didn't do the iTunes update this time!  I can connect to the internet and put things on my iPod!  Yea, Neighbor!
I volunteered this morning at the hospital.  Again, I was alone.  I took my Kindle to read when I had nothing else to do.  But a guy was there with his wife.  They ran him out so she could do her physical therapy.
He said he can't afford to keep his Medicare supplement.  It started out being $20.  It had gotten up to $120.  And this time it went up to over $300.  He gets his medication from the VA.  He was in the Korean War (or Conflict).  I felt bad for him.  He talked until they came to get him when his wife came back from therapy.
When I got home, my neighbor brought four old tires over.  I stacked them so I can have raised beds for a few strawberry plants I haven't killed yet.  I think I read about the tire raised beds in my permaculture book.  Larry thinks they look bad.  I don't think the looks are important to me...function is the thing.
The lumber yard delivered some wood and the truck wouldn't start.  A tow truck came, but he had parked odd and I didn't know how he was going to get that truck out without destroying one of our azalea bushes.  He got the palate truck off the lumber delivery truck and towed the delivery truck to the road with it.  Then the tow truck hooked up.  It took about thirty more minutes before they thought it was secure enough to tow it.
The last good thing is that I bought some gell inserts for my shoes and my feet feel better.
It was a messed up day, but it all turned out OK.

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