Friday, April 27, 2012

This and That

 When I'm gardening, it is important that I have something to do when I take a break.  I'm happy to read, but I get a little more done if I put other things around me.  So I worked on figuring out a design for the gourd I'm painting and started sketching it in with the white pencil.  The egg crate has colored eggs that are ready to be carved.  So I carved one egg...just because the stuff was handy.
 These are plants I want to put out in the flower bed.  Below is a trench for an electric cable for the fountain we want to set up.  The fountain isn't new, but we haven't used it since we moved here because the pump was 220 and we need a 110.  But I can't plant this part of the flower bed because the guy will have to be able to walk around when he comes to do the electrical work..

 So I vacuumed the leaves from a corner by the steps so I could plant something there.  
 The new one put out two more blooms today.  They are both darker with less gold edging.  The light one in the foreground was supposed to contrast with it, and is...but they mostly finished blooming before the darker ones started.
 I have a neighbor who said we could go to a house that nobody lived in and dig up some flowers.  She said we had permission.  So we did.  We dug up kind of a lot.  This pink peony is one of the things I wanted.  As we emptied our haul, she said we didn't really have permission but she didn't think they would care!  I really don't steal things on purpose!
This monkey grass is from my sister-in-law, Judy.  I've divided what she gave me and spread it around in several places.  It is very hard to dig out of clay.

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