Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Cards

Since I enjoy getting Christmas cards, it seems right that I should send some.  Well.  I'm really bad at it.  So I tried to narrow it down to what is required.  Card, envelope, address, return address, signature, stamp.  I deleted the "personal message" from that list because I had a stack of cards that only got to that part and I found them when I got ready to do the card thing the next year.  I couldn't just send those out, picking up where I'd left off in the list because the "personal message" part wasn't true any more.  Life needs to be simple for me.  Also, I don't always have addresses. It's still harder than it seems.


  1. I carried my christmas cards with me for a while and did them as I had time. I did them as I found people's addresses as well and made sure to update my address book. Everybody that I wanted to send them to doesn't get one this year, but most have a line or two of something personal in them. If I keep this up I'll eventually get all the addresses I want and then I'll have no excuse to not send them out. I had a lot of extra stamps I was tired of looking at so I used those up sending cards so that was some of my motivation as well. If I got rid of the old stamps I could get new ones!

  2. If it works that way for you, that's perfect. I seem to lose track of things. So if I start something and finish it, at least it's done. The only ones I write notes on are the ones I don't see, email, talk to on the phone. That makes it sound kind of like maybe I'm sending cards to people I don't know. But actually some people are in that category.