Monday, December 5, 2011

Precipitation Map

Before we moved to Tennessee, I checked a precipitation map because I didn't want to spend all my time watering my plants.  I knew I would want plants in the ground and container plants...I always do.  On the precipitation map, Tennessee is green which meant around 52 inches of rain per year.
It would have been good if I had tried to check for monthly distribution of precipitation.  As it turns out, it's more like a drought season and monsoon season.  We are currently in the monsoon period.
I like rain, but I'm not wild about mud.  It has taken a long time to even get enough weeds to prevent the gator from sliding sideways down inclines.  We've put out a lot of sod and have been trying to let weeds grow until the sod takes over.  But the drought makes even weeds struggle in this clay.  Well, we aren't worrying about drought at the moment.  But with so much rain all at once and spotty grass/weed coverage, we have erosion.  It is interesting to try to deal with it.  A couple of years ago we had 13 inches of rain all at once.  It washed out sections of roads so it sounds pitiful to complain about erosion runnels in my "yard."
The farmer who plants some of our fields came by yesterday and said he got 20 bushels of beans per acre on our fields.  I said that didn't sound like a good yield.  He said it wasn't, but it was the best he got because of the drought.  Some of his fields only yielded 7 bushels per acre.  And of course others were in between.

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