Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is odd.  Larry's Aunt Cine is 90 and her sister, Aunt Annie, is 97.  Aunt Annie was in the hospital for pneumonia, bronchitis, and dehydration.  Aunt Cine called to tell us that Aunt Annie had responded well to treatment and was out of the hospital.  Larry asked if she had checked herself out or had the doctor released her.  Aunt Cine immediately jumped on Aunt Annie always did what she wanted to even as a kid and had gotten away with things that would have gotten the rest of them in trouble.  She sounded just as irate about it at 90 as she probably did at the time.
The idea of sibling rivalry is entertaining.  I used to enjoy the Smothers Brothers routine, Mother Always Liked You Best.
In reality it isn't as funny.  People end up resenting the very people who should be the strongest members of their support group. 

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