Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I like to read fiction.  I am a fairly recent fan of nonfiction and mysteries.  Mysteries fall into the category of fantasy for me a lot of the time because I can't even solve the mystery of where I put something.  I think moving a lot has caused some of that.  If I stay in one place and kept the same furniture, I would have a prayer of putting things back in the same place.
But that is a big "if."  I have managed to find one piece of paper ten years after I got it.  I filed it in the year I got it.  It saved me several hundred dollars because I didn't have to have it redone.  One would think the county would keep good records and know they had given me that piece of paper proving that I had had that inspection done.  One would be wrong. 
But stuff is a challenge.  I've been looking for wooden eggs for a while now.  I bought 100 wooden hens eggs from Lee Valley.  I can find 12 of them, and the wooden egg cups I bought at the same time and some wooden balls.  They are all in my art room.  I remember the rest of the eggs being there.  But they aren't there now and it is the right place for them.  I've looked everywhere I can think of.  Larry said I will find them when the new ones arrive and I start to stash them.
I have especially enjoyed the J.D. Robb (pseudonym for Nora Roberts) series.  She and her husband both had awful childhoods.  Her personality has her bewildered by friendship, relationships, and an accumulation of possessions.  His personality has him wanting to own everything, probably as a contrast to having had nothing when he was young.  The mysteries solved are interesting to me, and the character development is the cherry on top. 


  1. I like Gail Carriger also. She writes funny stuff, I listen to her on audible.