Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Days I'm Tired of Being Me

Over the years I would see something and think, "I know what I can do with that."  So I would buy up a bunch of it.  I've moved a lot of times.  So I can't always lay hands on stuff.  This week and last week I spent a lot of time looking for wooden eggs.  While I was looking but not finding them, I saw lots of other stuff.  So then I decided I wanted the three pieces that so with a simmering pot a parent made for me about twenty years ago.  I had seen all three pieces.  But finding all three of them again was a long, drawn out operation because all I knew was that I'd seen all the pieces.  They weren't together and I hadn't picked any on of the pieces up and taken it to a reasonable location because I was looking for wooden eggs.  I eventually found all three pieces.
Now I'm looking for small floral wire.  I want to take the huge ribbon and twist it gently, then fasten it with floral wire so I can drape it over my French door.  I can fasten the floral wire to the hangers.  Last year I fastened the ribbon to the hangers and they just unwrapped and looked odd.  I saw the floral wire while I was looking for the miserable wooden eggs.  I need to tidy things as I go, not just look through the clutter.  If I actually did that, I would obviously be somebody else, not me, because I just leave a mess behind me!
I want to be somebody else...somebody neat!  If I make that my New's Year's Resolution, I'll probably need medication to live with myself.

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