Sunday, December 4, 2011


While we were at Aunt Annie's (98 yrs. old), she cooked rutabagas.  I like them and they're on my diet.  But they are really hard to peel, kind of like I think peeling rocks might be.  She is pretty frail.  I asked how she peeled and cut them.  She pulled a large, homemade knife out of the drawer.  It had a knife blade on one side and a saw blade on the other.  She said Uncle Floyd had made the knife for her out of a saw.  Then she pulled a hammer out of the drawer and said she set the blade on top of the rutabaga and tapped on it with the hammer until it was in two pieces.  Then she did it across the other way so it was in four pieces.  She said she could peel the quarters.
I did say she is amazing.

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