Friday, December 16, 2011


Many people give food gifts to neighbors and friends.  So many people are on so many kinds or diets (besides, if I cook something, I'm probably going to eat it), I usually make a little memento.  The picture is really cluttered, but the ornaments are what I'm trying to show here.  I paint something on two of them, personalize them, and tie them together with ribbon or cord.  That way, they are stuck with thinking of me every Christmas when they decorate:)  Sometimes I like what I do better than other times.  These turn out nicely even if I'm not very good at it.  White on silver is good, and white on clear...a little red or green is also nice.  I tend to put the year and Merry Christmas from and to (if I know their names...not always).  For us I also include things that we did that year...I retired, we went to Oregon, Yellowstone, Iowa, Grand Bay, Chelsea...etc.  So when I hang the ornaments, it makes me smile to remember the good stuff.  I plan to connect this year's ornament to 2000's ornament:)  It isn't expensive, but I like it.

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