Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dodge Durango

We have rented various vehicles when we've traveled.  This time we rented a Dodge Durango.  It had a lot of room, got 32 mpg, and was very comfortable.  It had buttons and levers to arrange the seats so that the lumbar region, leg room, and the back of the seat exactly met one's desires.  It also had enough places to plug in my toys: Garmin, iPod, Kindle,and two phones. I didn't need them all plugged in at once, but I could have.  One was in the extreme back, one in the back seat, one in the console, one in the dash, and the little round plug for the iPod in the entertainment part. 
When we backed up, it showed what was behind us, marked into car lengths, on a small monitor on the dash.
Another feature I liked was "eco" when it was driving in a gas-efficient manner.  I think one reason we did so well with gas consumption was the cruise control, but the other reason was the "eco" prompt. I had a BMW 320i for about ten years.  It showed gas consumption as I was driving.  So when I was accelerating, I wasn't getting good mileage, but maintaining speed, I did pretty well.  Having that feature on my car for so long acquainted me with driving economically.  I liked seeing that feature on this car.

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