Friday, December 16, 2011

Pharmacy Revisited

Well, I feel odd about this.  I had a comment on the pharmacy post.  I didn't know who it was from and I deleted it.  As soon as I did, I realized that was just wrong.  The comment explained the wait time for the prescription.  I went back and reread my post as I wasn't commenting on wait time although I did mention it.  The reason I mentioned it is because she walked off before I could identify myself and I thought I'd have to hang out while she did the whole thing with my name and I'd still have wait time.   I have a wonderful pharmacy with wonderful workers.  The interesting thing to me was that a person who sees a lot of people each day, was able to fill my prescription without saying, "Have you been here before?  or Under what name is that listed?"  I didn't know her (and I do know two of them by name), so it surprised me that she recognized me and could put a last name with me.  I'm sorry I deleted the other comment.  If I had known I'd hate it later, I certainly wouldn't have!

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