Monday, May 27, 2013

5 Sections Sprayed with Miracle-Gro

I did not get my 10,000 steps in today.  I still might.  I have 9,400 so far.  But I did go to the store (check, one thing down) and spray all five sections with miracle gro.  I bought the x-hoses so dragging the hoses around wouldn't be such a weighty problem.  As advertised, they don't kink or tangle up.  Now my only problem is trying to get the hoses connected to the sprayer.  Actually, that is easy.  I can't get them loose again.  I need to use different faucets to get to different areas.  I already have hoses in some places so it is not a case of just connecting to the faucet and disconnecting.  I have to take the wand off in two places and put the sprayer on.  All of that worked for me today except right at the end...I couldn't get the sprayer off of the double x-hose that I used on the knockout rose strip that is parallel to the road.  It came off the hose just fine.  It wouldn't come off the x-hose itself.  I think I have solved it for now because I bought an extra sprayer.

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