Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I really like dichondra planted in hanging baskets and flower boxes.  It's kind of pricy to buy as much of it as I want.
I've tried bringing it into the greenhouse over the winter.  It dies.  Once in a while some of it survives, but very little. Then it has long trailing strands that are kind of dead.  Sometimes they make little new plants partway down a strand.
I tried fastening a live strand across potting soil.  I bent florist wire to hold the strand down on the soil.  That kind of worked.
I tried getting the seeds out of the long strands.  I've bought seeds so there must be a way to do it.
Anyway, with the various ways I've tried, another possibility is planting the long dead strand under a little soil.  The seeds in the strand may sprout.  It's important to cover it with a bit of soil or birds grab an huge mass of it and try to fly back to include it in their nests.
So I'm treating the dead strands like a seed tape.  I hope it works.

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