Thursday, May 30, 2013

Asparagus and Day Lilies

This morning we replanted asparagus. We planted some several weeks ago.  Only a couple came up.  So Larry ordered some from a seed company called Jung.  These looked better and had planting directions.  Following the directions took both of us.  Larry prepared the planting furrow with his tiller and an attachment.  Well, it was very deep.  I am the lucky one that had to bend over and put them in, spreading the roots.
I do not wake up happily.  He managed to leave me alone long enough to get one mug of coffee in.  But standing on my head in a trench on one mug of coffee almost had me rolling down into the trench!  Head rush.  Maybe I should have found breakfast before planting but I really hate breakfast.
Anyway, this morning we planted the asparagus.
This afternoon I planted some of the daylilies I've been stashing around.  I can't believe how quickly the clay dries out.  So we watered the two lilacs we'd planted.  I hope they live.

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