Friday, May 17, 2013

Vacation Idea Long Ago

Once after a couple of weeks in Spain, I came home relaxed and calm.  I decided to try to identify what parts of the vacation had given me that calm.  I decided that I enjoyed walking some.  I enjoyed being outside.  And I enjoyed spending a little money.  I seriously despise shopping, but walking to the store and buying a can of olives or a couple of pieces of fruit didn't stress me.
Trying to implement a few of the things I enjoyed every single day was my next decision.  I didn't want to just enjoy two or three weeks a year. 
I loved hotels with flowers.  I decided that surrounding my home with flowers would be good.  I'm pretty sure most people don't look at vacations as a way to improve their homes, but that has worked for me.
I can't put the beach at my home and I really don't want to live on a beach.  I'm ok with visiting beaches.  But I want calm and flowers at home.

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