Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flowers in the Bank

 A friend is moving from a lawn of several acres to one of part of an acre.  She has many lovely plants, including irises:)  She is very generous about sharing.  I said it will be like having plants in the bank.  If there is something she especially likes that doesn't survive the move, her friends will have enough to give her another start.  She said, "If I could remember who I gave what to." 
 A couple of the irises had blooms on them which was wonderful...I knew I wouldn't be moving some I already have.  After an hour in the back of the truck, the bloom isn't gorgeous, but it was before it was beaten to death by the wind.
This one survived better.
It took a while to get up my nerve to get the plants out of the back of the truck.  Somebody's dog made itself comfortable under the truck and refused to leave.  It did not object to vinegar in a spray bottle, a broom, or loud, mean shouts.
Finally I moved the truck and it wandered off.

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