Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flower Bed Sections

I'm trying to note which colors of irises I have where so I can group the colors on purpose rather than randomly.  I like white and yellow, but really I want some darker colors mixed with them.
I've been painting numbers on them as they bloom but it has rained for a couple of days and painting wet foliage doesn't sound good besides I would be wet.
So I decided I could take pictures of the sections.  Then I could just count which section is which, look at the pictures and decide what is needed.
 The sections are divided by double pink knockout roses.  Between them I've put a pink crepe myrtle.  All around in the sections in addition to the crepe myrtle bushes, I've put irises and daylilies.
 I rooted the crepe myrtles and I'm not finished (There are twenty sections).
 Thissection doesn't have a crepe myrtle yet.  When it gets one, it will still look like this for a while because the cuttings are just twigs.  But they grow fast.
This section is finished except I may add another color of iris.  Over half of the sections are finished except for adding a different color iris if all they have is yellow and white.

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