Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Conference with the Doctor

We had our lab work done last Thursday.  We got our results in the mail Friday morning.  Today we went to see what he had to tell us.
He told me he was impressed.  He'd recommended I take statin and I had refused it.  He said bringing my cholesterol down through diet was very unusual and most people couldn't do it:)
He asked Larry if he had any idea why his A1c went up.  Larry said no and I said I didn't understand why his triglycerides went down and his A1c went up.  He started looking at the medications Larry in on and asked who prescribed one of them and why.  Larry knew who but not why.  He said it is a steroid and can run up blood sugar.  He has been on that medication for years!  The doctor said he wants Larry to reduce the dosage on a schedule with the plan of eliminating it all together.  That is wonderful news and may help more than just our budget.  If his blood sugar could respond more appropriately to his diet, Larry may be more particular about his diet.
On another topic, I asked about my knee.  I'm scheduled for an mri next Tuesday.  It freaks Larry out to have one.  I've never had one and don't know how I'll react.

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