Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tiring and Tiresome

This morning we started out by driving an hour to pick up 50 lbs. of videlia onions somebody was selling as a fundraiser.  We also went to Sam's Club and ate at Cracker Barrel.
When we got home, Larry went to pick up the kid who helps me with yard work.  Well, sometimes he just does it and I watch.  But today I had him digging up day lilies we'd stashed beside the heating unit last year when he dug them up from other places in the yard.  They were taking over my rose bed.  While he was digging up the lilies, I took a hay fork and some buckets down to the tire garden because that was where I wanted him to work next.  I had cardboard and papers ready to spread on the ground.
He dug through the electric cable and gas pipe.  So Larry turned everything off and I called the guy who knows how to do everything.  He came right over and fixed both.
Then I put down cardboard (rip them so they would lay flat.  Jake put a thick coat of mulch on top of that.
When I ran out of paper and cardboard, I filled the buckets and he dumped them...for a while.  Then I watched him do both.
It looks pretty well finished, but it is the angle from the porch.  It is really only about half done.  But it was a long day.
Then I deadheaded irises and spray fertilized two more sections.  That's three out of five sections finished for this week.  I need to do the other two sections tomorrow if I plan to fertilize once a week.

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