Monday, May 20, 2013


I've seen spiderwort before, but my mother-in-law called it bluegrass. I didn't realize it came in different colors.  I now have at least three colors.  I also didn't know that it is edible.  It was used in the past as a medicine, too.  The article I was looking at yesterday said that if a blue spiderwort started to turn pink in the center (stamen?), it is a sign of radiation or chemical pollution.  That is interesting but I'll go back and read about it when I'm pretty sure that mine live.
 This strip next to the porch looks as if it will provide morning sun and water when I water my flower boxes and baskets.  It is covered with leaves.  I raked the leaves out and planted the spiderwort.  I planted two more things that I have no idea what they are.
 Below is the pile of leaves I raked from next to the porch.  I used the leaf vac to shred them and then dumped the shredded leaves back around the things I planted this morning.  The pine bark nuggets kept stopping up the leaf vac until I figured out what was doing it. They are heavier than the leaves so I stopped trying to vacuum all the way to the grass.  I just upsucked the leaves and then raked the pine bark nuggets (pine nark buggets when I'm in a hurry) back into the flowerbed.

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