Thursday, May 16, 2013

Busy Thursday

Today we went to an outlet and I had good luck.  Usually I go when they have absolutely nothing  for the upcoming season.  But they had shorts and that was what I wanted.  I have to try each and every one on because sometimes they are obviously not made for me...all those low riders are somebody else's. Sometimes the tag indicates that they aren't for me, but sometimes not.  I can also pick up the wrong size if it happens to be a particularly nice color.  So I just have to try stuff on.
Then we ate at a restaurant and had the buffet.  It wasn't the Golden Corral, but it was good.  Too bad about no chocolate fountain.
We stopped at rural king on the way home and they had dichondra, silver falls, which I've been looking for:)
When we got home, Larry started cutting grass and I started planting things. Then fertilized one of the sections (There are about five sections).
It was busy. But it was good.

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