Friday, May 24, 2013

Yea, Me!

I had my lab work done yesterday and got the results in the mail today.  My triglycerides were 63, my A1c 6.0, my cholesterol was 183.  The hdl was 72 and ldl 97. I actually have the paper in front of me so these numbers are accurate.
I've been trying to bring down my cholesterol.  Getting the total under 200 and the ldl under 100 was the goal.  The doctor didn't think I could do it because my triglycerides were already low.  But what I had done was leave off fiber because that's where the carbs were.  I am not a big fan of vegetables so it wasn't a hardship to forgo them. So I've tried to put salads and low-carb vegetables back in and have been using nut and seed flours for baking and bread.  I also tweaked my supplements after reading the efficacy of supplements site.

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