Monday, January 9, 2012

Busy Seniors

Today I went to an art class at a Center for Aging. I knew it started at 9.  I didn't know it lasted until 12.  I will take a snack next time.  I left at 11.  They were using oils and I just wanted to paint on my projects around some people.  That worked fine, and I'll go again (with a snack).  The painting looked like some Bob Ross stuff.  I used to watch him on tv and liked the looks of it.  I liked what she did with the class.  Maybe I'll do some oil.  I hate to pick up another batch of hobby materials.  I'm pretty determined to do something with what I already have.
One woman asked if I would be interested in volunteering at the hospital.  I asked if the volunteers had to do nasty stuff.  She said they didn't let them do much; she volunteers on Wednesdays at the gift shop.  There is an organizational meeting tomorrow at 9.  I plan to go. 
Another woman said she is going to lead a clogging class starting in March.  I might try that.  She said clogging is for clumsy people.  That sounds like exercise. And surely the expectations won't be really high.  I really hate going to a gym and doing stuff with coordinated, slim, fit people.


  1. Don't clog. You'll break a bone or something!!!

  2. Well, I've thought something would be easy before and found out it wasn't. But I shouldn't break anything the first time. I was more worried about stamping my feet making my feet hurt.