Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miscellaneous Update

I think the kind of camilla that blooms at this time of year is called a japonica.  It is really nice to see something blooming right now.

 I have been working on carving eggs.  I have two metal "trees" now.  I found the second one at an antique/junk warehouse.  It makes me sad to go to antique stores because I see old stuff and imagine someone loving it and no one wanting it when she is gone.
 This wall unit once held books.  My husband made these units for books.  But with the advent of my Kindle, I have been able to donate hundreds of books to the local library.  So now I can spread out the components of a different hobby.
 This wall unit holds books that I can't manage to let go of, craft materials, and collections.
 The cuttings in my greenhouse have grown so much that they are reaching out to the side for sunshine.  I've broken one off trying to get out the door.
 Here is the part of my art room devoted to sewing.  I haven't tried the sewing machine yet.  The last time I used it, it worked, but Diane was here.
This is what I'm taking to my art class at the senior center.  It ensures I spend time on the wooden eggs because that is all I'm taking with me.  I can't see something shiny and wander off!

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