Sunday, January 29, 2012

 We had a plastic shelf that I brought into the greenhouse to put my gourd stuff on for when I am working on them.  Working on gourds is messy and I didn't want to do it inside.  But the greenhouse has water and a ceramic tile floor that we put down.  But the plastic shelf is old and stained.
Well, it's looking better.  I'm cleaning it and sponge painting it a combination of white with a little green.  It isn't fast, but it is looking much better.  I'm about half finished with it.  I was just blotting the paint on, but it was taking a really long time so I started just scrubbing the paint in with the sponge.  I can't get the marbled look scrubbing it on instead of blotting.  I may finish it scrubbing and then go back and blot over it in places.
The greens talk about how long it takes plastic to decompose.  Well, that makes it sound like something plastic would last forever, but it doesn't.  It gets a grimy gray, absorbs stains, and becomes brittle.  Paint takes care of the color, and maybe it won't crack apart before I decide gourds are too big a pain.

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