Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You're Really Lucky!

I hear that sometimes, and I agree.  But surely good planning counts.  A lot of the time I consider myself lucky, but some of the time things are lousy.  I just have to stay on track and live through the bad times.  Sometimes good decisions don't count for much because bad luck is out there, too.  But "Hope for the best, but plan  for the worst" is a good motto.  Giving up isn't an option because when  you look around, everything is just like it was.  So planning is what is left that works most of the time.
I look at people with more money, more stuff, and it doesn't matter to me, because what I have isn't based on what they have.  I think about people whose houses burned down this winter, or any other, and yes, I'm lucky.  But I'm careful with appliances, extension cords, heaters.  It doesn't mean something can't go wrong...but I'm giving luck a smaller window when I'm careful.  I don't like depending on luck for my happiness and well-being.

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