Friday, August 17, 2012

Fitbit Third Day

I'm a little disappointed so far with my Fitbit.
I wanted it to be available for data input with my Kindle Fire.  It isn't.
When it synchronized the first time, it didn't automatically set the time like a phone does, although it does send information from it to my computer.  Evidently not the other way.  So the first day and a half I was on Somalia time or something and my information was spread across two days instead of on the right day.
It does not have any tabs so I can indicate which diet I'm on.  MyFitnessPal doesn't, either, but MyFitnessPal was a free download; I paid for the Fitbit and would have appreciated the ability to individualize it for myself.
When I tried to enter foods, I did not find the low-carb choices that I wanted (and MyFitnessPal has).
It doesn't communicate with my Wii.  I realize there was no reason to expect it to, but I don't want to purchase another scale because my Wii has one sitting on the floor in my sunroom and the bathroom has a very nice scale in it already.
So, for a little gadget that attaches firmly (good job there) and counts my steps...yes.  It says it counts stairs but evidently I haven't climbed any.  It claims to count calories burned, but I'm not positive it's right.  I'm not positive that everybody burns the same number of calories per step.  Wouldn't speed count?  Enthusiasm?

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