Thursday, August 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time

At one point in my life my skin was all right.  But after a while, it wasn't.  I broke out; I itched all the time somewhere, my feet itched, cracked, and bled to the point where walking was painful.
I thought I had awful skin and ugly feet.  Well, that was true.
I went to the doctor for my feet.  He said I needed to stop going barefoot.  Oh.
I went to a podiatrist.  I had pedicures. My feet suffered through her care, his care (I tried more than one).  I learned how to take care of my feet so I didn't have to keep going to a podiatrist.  I learned to take care of my toenails so I didn't have ingrown toenails.  I don't know why I didn't instinctively know that this stuff was important.
But here are some of the things I learned:
I have eczema not athlete's foot. 
Dry between my toes.
Don't wear the same shoes every day.  They need to dry out.
Don't wear hose.
Wear socks to prevent excessive rubbing on my sensitive skin.
Just because my feet don't show very often, use moisturizer anyway.
Yesterday I made a moisturizer I can spray on my feet and legs.  I found a recipe that called for 1 part glycerin, 4 parts distilled water, and several drops of essential oil (optional).  I used rose essential oil.  I found glycerin at WalMart with the peroxide.  I looked for the site where I found the recipe so I could give a link here, and couldn't find it.  Most of the recipes had more stuff than just the three items I named here. 
This morning I gave myself a little foot care and now I smell like roses and my feet are smooth.

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  1. I think it's funny how often we post pictures of other things but our kindles wind up in them. You'd think we were readers or something.