Thursday, August 9, 2012

Knockout Roses, Crepe Myrtle and a Frog

I have double pink knockout roses that have done extremely well.  I have pink crepe myrtles that have also done well.  I keep trying to fix flower beds that aren't so high maintenance. 
 This crepe myrtle is the one that I like the color of the best.
 I rooted this one, but I didn't want this color alternating with my double-pink knockout roses.
 The two pink things are knockouts.
 This picture shows two knockout roses blooming.  The pink thing in the center is a crepe myrtle I rooted, transplanted, and it is already blooming.  There are a couple of plants that bloom prolifically and reseed liberally.  So having them in a flower bed is mostly a case of pulling up the ones I don't want:)  Also in the bed are irises, daylilies, peppers and a few annuals that I grew from seed.  As the bed becomes more established (I only started it last year), I will phase out the annuals because there will be plenty of overlapping colors to enjoy.
 This little guy is down in the center of a pineapple plant.  Larry likes to buy pineapples, eat the fruit (yes, he shares), and plant the top.  It grows and makes more fruit.  That top can be planted after the fruit is harvested.  The pineapples aren't very big, but somebody else said theirs grow to regular size...we evidently weren't giving them enough water and fertilizer.  That would be my fault because I thought it was in the bromeliad family and was just giving it a tiny bit of water in the center...not in the dirt.
It makes a very distinguished plant but is difficult to winter over inside because of the long, pointed leaves.

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