Monday, August 20, 2012

Hope Springs

Hope Springs was a sad movie.  I guess Meryl Streep did a good job on her character; but her character was a timid idiot.  Why would it take a couple's therapist to dig it out of her that she didn't want appliances for gifts?
She was depressed at the loss of intimacy in their marriage.  Awww.  It was embarrassing to see her going through steps such as masturbation.  Yes, I understood that was portraying that she was lonely and her husband was sleeping in another room. 
I think Better Late than Never would have been a better title.  If you think somebody else can solve your problems, I guess this would be a decent movie.  If you think after 31 years of marriage it is reasonable that there is anything under the sun you haven't told your spouse, you may not be as uncomfortable in this movie as I was.

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