Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Not an Apprentice

My husband wanted me to help him this morning and I said I would.  Before I'd started on my second cup of coffee, he called me on the phone and asked, "How hot do you want it to be when we start?"
I put up with short, brusque directions from him.  I said I thought he treated people he was paying nicer than he treated me.  He said he expected me to look at what is going on and decide what comes next and be ready.  Yes, I understand he wants that.  We've been married over forty years, what makes him think I am going to start paying attention.  I agreed to help him because he couldn't accomplish what he wanted to without my help not because I wanted a good reference for a carpenter's job. 
He asked if I wanted him to pay me.  I said I wanted him to speak nicely to me. He said, "We both know that's not going to happen."
We both were light-headed, woozy, and irate.  My blood pressure was 78 over 47.  His was better, but still low.  The low blood pressure meant I was less willing to put up with his attitude, the radio, and the air compressor's noise.  Working together with your spouse is overrated.

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  1. You're telling me!
    The assumption that I either know what they want me to do next or care about remembering any of it longer than it takes to do it is a bad assumption. I'm helping because I'm willing to help, not because I want to be good at it in the future. I'll hold a board type stuff, but I shouldn't be considered skilled labor. It's not a skill I'm interested in acquiring. I'm a small step above a sawhorse in my mind, and pretty OK with that since that's my goal.