Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am enjoying my toys.  I've used my Wii more since I'm trying to get more steps in.  I've connected myfitnesspal to my fitbit on my computer.  So with the Wii I can get more steps in (inside, air conditioned, no tricky footing), I can put my food in with myfitnesspal, and record weight, blood pressure, glucose, heart rate on the fitbit, and the clip-on gadget records my exercise.  Oh, and I listen to music with my ipod while I'm using the Wii.  Today it was Toby Keith.  Yesterday it was Billy Joel.
Yes, I realize all that is pretty obsessive.  Do I care?  I guess not.
There aren't many things I do well on the Wii.  Sitting perfectly still is one, and walking is one.  I'm kind of ok with some of the yoga.  The balance things aren't great and agility is really awful.  It thinks I'm not good with balance, but I haven't fallen off yet, so I guess I have really low standards for physical things.

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