Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have not been able to connect to the internet since Thursday night.  I don't know what happened but Thursday evening it worked.  Friday morning it didn't.
Today I took my old wireless adapter to Best Buy.  I didn't have the receipt but basically I didn't want to buy the same one again.  The clerk showed me a couple of others that he said were better.  I picked a different brand and took it to customer service because the clerk said they might give me credit for the other.  I thought I bought it in April, but no receipt.
At customer service the lady scanned it and scanned my card and said I had gotten it at the end of March and gave me credit on the new one:)
Both people were nice and went out of their way to be helpful.  I wasn't expecting anything back because even though I had the box it came in, I hadn't kept the receipt and hadn't asked...they offered!
Some poor guy there had set off the security alarm on the Apples and the clerk was crawling under the counters right before he got to me.  He was calm, pleasant, no nervous breakdown in sight!
I got my usb adapter home and couldn't get it to work.  The tech support number popped up and the guy helped me...and this wasn't easy.  When I spelled my name and he spelled it back to me, I couldn't even tell if he got it right.  So considering the language difficulty, I appreciated his patience.  At one point I had to go find a magnifying glass to read a number he wanted.  I understand he was getting paid, but if he understood me as badly as I understood him, he has a very difficult job...and now I have connectivity again:)

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