Monday, May 14, 2012

It Isn't Easy Being Me (Or My Doctor)

My feet hurt.  They have hurt for years.  I thought it was from working on concrete floors at school.  But after I retired, they still hurt.  Walking helped some, but not enough.  I couldn't tell if I was making them better or worse.
So I made an appointment with a podiatrist.  I told him, "I want you to tell me I don't have deep-vein thrombosis or bone cancer."
He said I just have spider veins and they aren't very bad.  He said my circulation was good.
I said but my feet are cold (still thinking something is terribly wrong).  He said (with a completely straight face and no quiver in his voice indicating that he was trying hard not to laugh at me...he was good), "Your feet are cold because the nerves in your feet are sending a message to your brain that your feet are cold."
Now this was very helpful.  Nothing is wrong with me except I need to exercise my feet.  I came home and looked up arch exercises and got started.  My feet feel better already.
The whole idea that something is terribly wrong every time I have any twinge is Larry's fault.  I've watched him ignore things until he'd end up in the hospital and have big awful scars.    And I'm not always wrong.  I'm not always over-reacting.  The melanoma I found on my leg was tiny, the smallest their lab had ever seen...but catching it small is good.

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