Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm Not Gay

I'm wondering about people voting about what marriage is.  It seems to me that the separation of church and state is violated with this problem.  It seems that people can be married in a religious ceremony but they also need to take care of the civil technicalities.  People can just be married in a civil ceremony.  All this time I've been thinking that the civil end of it was just another way for the government to make a buck...or a few.  But the overlap where married people have different rules than single people because of this ceremony seems interesting.  The part where the government has any say-so at all seems odd.  Why don't they allow the various denominations to determine the beliefs they uphold and just charge a license fee to any who commit to cohabitation legally?
I'm sure there are a lot of ramifications I haven't thought of.
It isn't illegal to room with a person of the same gender.  Does the government really care who people have sex with as long as they aren't inflicting it on someone who objects?
I'll bet there are heterosexual couples who are married who don't have sex.  Does the government care?
Over half the states in the United States have voted on what marriage is.  It just seems like a religious thing not a civil one.


  1. My two cents worth on the topic is that I don't understand efforts to legislate morality. I say let churches deal with lessons in morality and let the government deal with civil institutions like partnership. The government doesn't care who is partnered with whom as long as they pay their taxes and fulfill their other civil obligations. Individuals and partners can choose to attend church or not...if they live in America though, individuals certainly should be allowed to choose with whom they can enter into civil union/partnership with. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  2. I think the health insurance companies lobby to keep the ban in place so they don't have to pay benefits whenever possible.

  3. Well, insurance wouldn't have to pay for pregnancy.