Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's Plan

 This is a clump of day lilies I'd like to get out from under a bush.  I didn't plant them under the bush, but the bush grew.
 I put a tsp of yeast, a tsp of sugar and about 1/6 liter of warm water in these plastic bottles I've been saving.  I am going to bury them at a slant to see if slugs and snails actually will crawl in but not out.
 Larry is building what he calls a grill hut.  I think it is more like a summer kitchen because he is going to run a gas line and power line to it so we can put up vegetables in the canner out there without putting the heat and humidity into the house.  He is building it a little at a time (some out of each paycheck).
 I got my pictures out of order.  I'm still planting seedlings.
 It is difficult to tell, but this is two trusses.  He built them yesterday.
 This shows the other two he built yesterday.  You can also see Daddy's old nail gun he's using.  I helped on one of them.  I stood on a board so it would flatten out enough to he could nail it.  I think he just had me help him on one of them because I wanted him to stop and let me take him to the doctor...he was making awful sounds.
 He has lots of pieces of wood cut so all he has to do is put a bunch more trusses together.  These are intended to roof the summer kitchen.  He ordered the metal yesterday.  The guy at the lumber yard asked if he wanted ocean blue to go with the house.  I thought it was pretty interesting that he remembered what color our roof is.  Larry only remembered blue.  I remembered ocean blue so I knew the guy was right.
 More pieces of wood stacked to use on the trusses.  You can also see the cabinets he's made since he turned it into a shop.
One of the cabinets visible in this shot will go into the summer kitchen.

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