Thursday, May 3, 2012


We've been seeing a light-colored fox roaming up and down the road and through our yard.  We haven't managed to get a picture of it.  It doesn't run or anything, it just doesn't stay put when we go for the camera.  This morning when I woke up, Larry said I should have awakened before the sun came up.  I thought that was a singularly unkind thing to say.  But he was right, I would have loved seeing the fox sitting on top of the mulch mound and three young ones frolicking around on the pile.  It is right beside the driveway.
Fox Playground

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  1. I found it ironic that you worte about foxes. The same evening, right before I read your post, Pete and I watched a desert fox cross the road and run along the top of a mound of dirt. For a few seconds it was silhouetted against a beautiful sunset sky and we talked about what a great picture that would have made had we been faster or had the fox been slower. See...our lives are not so very different.