Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Days Are Better Than Others

 All of our ground isn't bare.  The structures visible in this view are for grapes and muscadines.
 The dark spots are holes for a ground cover Larry decided would be good.  They are tiny juniper-looking things.  Larry dug eight holes with a shovel yesterday and four this morning.  I dug six this morning with my Mantis.  It is easier to dig with a Mantis.  The dirt is lovely when the Mantis gets through churning it up.
 This is what they look like.  The dirt is some from a shovel-dug hole...see the clumps?
 More blooms have opened on the Little Gem Magnolia.
 My idea of ground cover is knock-out roses, day lilies, irises, and things that will seed.  I'm also rooting crepe myrtles to go between the roses.  In my mind, the crepe myrtles and roses are the same color.  I guess I'll see if the crepe myrtles ever bloom.
 Here is Larry operating a shovel:)  He was exhausted after digging four holes in this hard clay.
 Most of the irises are finished...but the day lilies have started putting up a few bloom stalks.
 Eddie Jean stopped by today and ran the cable for the fountain.  Then he put "Caution" tape in.  The cable is inside 3/4" pipe.  It isn't connected to anything yet, but I can cover it up and plant flowers.  I asked if the yellow tape is so I won't forget about the pipe.  He said he knows I know where it is, but if somebody else digs, they'll have a clue. The dirt to the right of the trench has been there long enough to be hard.
I ran the mantis through the ridge.  Then Larry started filling in the trench before I had a chance to tell him I wanted to drop plants in before filling it in.  Oh well, the dirt was easy to make holes for the leggy impatiens I am going to put there.

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