Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fidget While Sitting Still

It turns out that my Kindle Fire allows me to fidget while sitting still.  I read some of Maximum Ride, a few pages of a Permaculture book, a few pages of an Atkins book, took notes on the two nonfiction books, looked up heirloom wheat (I heard that wheat has been genetically modified to make the yield larger, but it also causes the body to form more fat), checked my email, checked other people's blogs, went back through the three books, over and over.  I was at the hospital.  I did everything on my list of "chores" talked to whoever came in, sold a couple of things, and entertained myself with my Kindle.
Back when I read real books as opposed to ebooks, I would have taken one book with me to the hospital.  I wouldn't have wanted to have stuck with that book, but that would have been all I had.
With a Kindle Fire, it is easy to flip back and forth because the most recent books are "on top."

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