Friday, March 9, 2012


I especially like holidays and birthdays because I usually get to talk to all three of my kids on the same day:)  On a good day, I get to talk to two of them, but on holidays and birthdays, I usually get all three.  Also, I get emails and notes and cards.
Today was my first day to go to the swing bed volunteer time.  I thought they didn't need me.  There were four of us in pink smocks (volunteers), two employees, and one patient.  If they can't find something for me to actually do, I'm going to find something else where I am actually needed.
One of the volunteers goes to church very near my house.  She said that a couple who lived together but weren't married came but got the cold shoulder and quit coming.  Then the preacher talked to the congregation and asked them to make the couple welcome.  He said they weren't married because if they married, she wouldn't continue to get her dead husband's social security check.  The volunteer said the lord would provide and they cold shouldered the couple again and pointed out to the preacher that if he preached against adultery they wouldn't feel good about it.  She said she believed the lord would provide.  I said maybe their arrangement was how the Lord was providing for them.  At lunch she invited me to her church.  I said that in the twelve years I've lived here, she is the first person who had invited me to that church.  It is the first place I've ever lived where people didn't invite newly-arrived people to church.  She apologized and I said it didn't matter.  And actually, it didn't.  If they didn't make sinners welcome, they may be a little too tightly-laced for my peace of mind.  

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