Thursday, March 1, 2012

Safari Park

We went to Safari Park this morning.  The lady with the kangaroo joeys asked if we wanted to buy some food for the animals and I said we didn't.

So she gave us some.  I didn't want the food because the animals gather around people with food.  Not being an idiot, I didn't want the animals close to me.  I'd rather use the zoom lens.  Well, now I have a tub of food sitting in my lap and I opened the window to get a better shot.  Those things are fast!  I'm busily rolling up the window hoping I don't decapitate an emu and also hoping it doesn't start pecking at my lap!  Well, neither of those things happened, but it was a close call.  When we got to the walking part of the park, I passed the food tub to Larry.
 She said the buffalo's mouth wouldn't fit in the tub, so it would take the whole tub.  But the buffalo wasn't interested in getting up.  Peacocks were everywhere.
The lady said they didn't have teeth like that would prevent pecking.  That's Larry's hand.  I'm the one with the camera!
We saw this place on television recently.  They'd had a fire and wouldn't let the fire trucks deal with it.  They said the noise would disturb the animals.

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