Friday, March 16, 2012

It Didn't Wash

I dragged three more carts of mulch to put around the lilacs.  That counts as my exercise for today.  I may do three more this afternoon, but if I don't, I've still exercised today:)
We had eight tenths of an inch of rain last night so I looked at the mulch I've put around the new knock-out roses to see if it had washed.  It hadn't.  That was good.
My husband asked if I was pleased that we're cleaning up the shed for about 30 minutes every weekend.  I said I wasn't.  I said every weekend I hoped he would forget about it.  He wanted to know why.  I admitted I didn't know except I'm way happier sitting on my butt, drinking coffee, and reading.
Since then, he has asked me to help him every day!  Isn't that fun?  I have my list of crap stuff to do and his list of crap stuff he wants me to do isn't right.  I don't make a list for him.  When I do, he is very noisy about hating it.  Which means if I want him to do something, I just call somebody else and pay them.  Maybe I should be as noisy as he is.  I don't want to listen to me any more than I want to listen to him complaining.

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