Friday, March 23, 2012

They're Not Dead!

 I planted three tiny bits of ground cover last year.  They are happily blooming this year!  I've had this before and killed it.  The best I can tell, I should not fertilize it.
 I hope I only planted one of the white ground cover plants, because it's all I can find.
 This is a rhododendron we planted last year.  We haven't killed it yet.
 This is a double pink knock out rose that we planted last year.  The one below is one we planted this year.  The one above was the size of the one below when we planted it last year!

 Things are getting green now.  This picture shows dogwood trees, a Japanese maple, spirea that isn't blooming yet, lavender, and hybrid tea roses that aren't blooming yet but didn't die over the winter.
More dogwoods, a forsythia that is almost gone, and Camilla bushes.  There are some blooms on the Camilla bushes, but they don't show up from a distance.
I love spring in spite of the pollen!

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