Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Day

Today I volunteered at the hospital and the other volunteer wasn't there.  It was my first day to volunteer alone.  I found the room where the cart was parked.  I strolled it to the room where the ice machine is and filled the bags.  I remembered to find out how many patients were there so I'd make enough bags but not too many.
Then I went to the Intensive Care part and checked to see if they needed any more bags put in the warmer.  I got out my book that I had taken notes in (a hospital is kind of big and the numbers to punch in on the keypads are very forgetable).  I couldn't find a door that said "Supply."  That's what I'd written.  So I asked somebody.  I determined that it was necessary to actually read what is on the door rather than make it up.
Well, it said, "Authorized Personnel Only."  That wasn't helpful and a lot of doors said that.  Finally I just walked back to it several times to make sure I can find it next time.
Nothing I do is difficult, it's just that I'm not familiar with it.  I tried to help a lady find an office and got us both lost.  I probably need to retrace that path before I forget how to get there.  I could have taken her out, put her in my car and driven her to a different door.  I knew how to find that office from the other door.  It was crossing from the hospital to the clinic that I didn't know.
The weather was wonderful.  When I got home we went for a ride in the gator (equipped with a shovel and bucket).  We saw the dogwoods blooming and found grape hyacinths that grow wild in a nearby field.  We dug up some of them to bring back to our yard.

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